By Sister Kim Xuan Thi Nguyen

On January 29, 2017, we, the younger and mostly Asian group of Sisters helped welcome the Vietnamese Lunar New Year (TET), the Year of the Rooster, at a gathering in the VDM dining room with our beloved Sisters and friends. TET is a time of familial and communal joy and happiness which celebrates this momentous occasion by spending quality time together. A decorated tree adorned one corner of the dining room and soon Sisters learned its importance. We started with Evening Prayer by giving thanks to God for our 150th Anniversary and praying for peace and blessing on the New Year. Then Sr. Adeline was called upon to offer a special blessing for Sisters Kevina, Mary Patricia and Kim- Phuong Tran as they visit Vietnam in a few days. All the Sisters extended their hands and joined in this special blessing.

Following the blessing, each Sister picked a little scroll hanging on the tree on which was printed an individual blessing for the upcoming year. Then Sr. Kevina was called upon to distribute red envelopes (lucky money) from the same tree. This was followed by a special variety of delicious Vietnamese food and wonderful entertainment which ranged from the beautiful, elegant, and professional to the hilarious and funny. It was a time for many Sisters to come to appreciate some of the richness and beauty of the Vietnamese culture. It was an evening full of love and laughter praising the Incarnate Word in a real way.
The Year of the Rooster Article: Houston Chronicle
The following excerpt was taken from the January 27, 2017, edition of the Houston Chronicle from the article titled: “The Year of the Rooster: It is a time for rebirth, transformation and a wee bit of preening.” To read the entire article visit
Roll up your sleeves, folks. It’s about to get real. The current Lunar New Year (also known as the Chinese New Year or Tet), the Year of the Red Fire Monkey, ends today (January 27, 2017), and whether you saw it as a roller-coaster ride or a rolling dumpster fire, it’s over now. Now for something completely different: the Year of the Red Fire Rooster.
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