On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, the CHRISTUS St. Patrick Foundation held its Annual St. Patrick’s Day Mass and Grace Gardens Brick Dedication and Blessing Ceremony. Th is year, a brick was dedicated in honor of Sister Ann Margaret Savant.

Sr. Ann Margaret served in the Admitting Offi ce at CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital, Lake Charles, LA. Her lifetime was fi lled with overfl owing concern for the sick, the poor and her Sisters in community. Those in need were the focus of her love and con-cern.

The event began with the St. Patrick’s Day Mass followed by the dedication and blessing in the Gardens. Located near the Convent Chapel, Grace Gardens at CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital is a quiet, green space with fountains and benches where people can sit, meditate and experience God’s healing presence and love.

Each year, CHRISTUS St. Patrick Foundation off ers the opportunity to honor or remember loved ones by purchasing bricks that will be placed in the gardens.

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