by Sister María Otilia Guerra Chinchillá, CCVI

On December 4, 2016, we celebrated joyfully and with a heart full of gratitude, the 150 years of our Congregation. For this reason, we participated in the Eucharist presided over by Monsignor Julio Cabrera, Bishop of the Diocese of Jalapa.

This took place in the beautiful chapel of the Retreat House. It was attended by the four Sisters at “La Anunciación” Community: Sr. María Otilia Guerra Chinchillá, Sr. Santiaga Mejía Vásquez, Sr. María Aracely Pérez Chinchillá and Sr. Ruth Nohemi Tigüilá Robles. The following joined in the celebration: Sr. Juana Elizabeth Cruz García, members of her staff and girls welcomed at “Hogar Esperanza.”

The following also participated in this event: María Ubalda Ramírez of “Casa Verbo Encarnado,” Esquipulas, Chiquimula; Sr. Catarina Osorio Ixcoteyac and Sr. Helen Aida Villalta Ríesn from the “Casa del Verbo Encarnado” Community, Zone 1, Guatemala City, some relatives, as well as collaborators and family members from the Retreat House and “La Anunciación” Convent. Our neighbors, the leaders of “El Buen Pastor” Home, a place of welcome and recovery for people with different addictions, were also present to share our joy. Some friends of the Sisters shared and were part of this celebration. After the Eucharist, we went to the dining room of the Retreat House where we were received by the musical notes of our native instrument, the “marimba.” On this occasion, we were delighted with the music of the members of “Marimba Ideal” from Quetzaltenango, directed by Roman Bethancourt.

Afterwards, we had a delicious lunch prepared by the men and women collaborators of the Retreat House, under the supervision of Chef Sofía Lavagnino Monterroso.

If previously we were spiritually nourished with the Eucharist, the menu prepared for that day was a delight to all those who participated in the lunch. After the lunch, the dance began to the sound of the brown keys of our marimba. It was a joyful and happy time for all participants! 

We are infinitely thankful to the Congregation that allowed us to have this celebration which has remained in our hearts and in our memory as a very significant time.

Pictured above: 
1. Sisters gather for a photo at Casa de Retiros, Guatemala. 
2. Monsignor Julio Cabrera, Bishop of the Diocese of Jalapa gives a blessing at the Eucharistic Sesquicentennial Celebration at the Chapel of Casa de Retiros, Guatemala. 

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