Sheri Suarez Foreman, President and CEO of Houston Center for Literacy, Sister Caroline Flynn, Mayor Sylvester Turner, Cinthya Sánchez and Olga Rojas, instructors, during the Mayor’s Literacy Leadership Awards Breakfast where St. Austin Literacy Center was honored with an award.

The Houston Center for Literacy and Mayor Sylvester Turner hosted the annual Literacy Leadership Awards Breakfast on Thursday, June 1, at River Oaks Country Club in Houston. The Congregation’s literacy ministry, St. Austin Literacy Center, was presented with an award. Sister Caroline Flynn, CCVI, along with teachers from St. Austin Center, Cinthya Sánchez and Olga Rojas, accepted the award from Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. 

Each year, the ceremony’s focus is to celebrate adult literacy success and to create community awareness about adult literacy. Sheri Suarez Foreman, President & CEO of Houston Center for Literacy, spoke at the breakfast and shared that 142 languages are spoken in the Greater Houston Area, which ranks 60th in the list of least literate cities in the country. Many adults, even native English speakers, do not know how to read or write. Their lack of literacy skills prevents them from achieving their full capability and hinders their families, especially children. 

A successful literacy student, John Cuadros, originally from Peru, was also presented with an award. He is a hygiene and industrial safety engineer who earned his English-as-a-Second-Language Certificate from the Connect Community Learning Center in Bellaire, TX. Thanks to a scholarship from the Houston Center for Literacy, he is currently taking engineering classes at Houston Community College. 

The Congregation is a contributor to the Mayor’s Coalition for Literacy through the Houston Center for Literacy, created in 1984, by then Mayor Kathy Whitmire. The Houston Center for Literacy supports literacy organizations and programs throughout the Greater Houston Area. The organization also works by engaging communities to join in solving Houston’s literacy challenges by connecting students with the education they need and workforce development skills required to accomplish their future plans.

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