By Jeannette Easley, Director of Ruah

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol found across many cultures and around the world. Walking the labyrinth is a meditation and prayer experience and a part of our pilgrimage path to wholeness and holiness.

The practice of pilgrimage cuts across all cultures and is part of nearly every religion. For some, pilgrimage may mean a journey to a place where holiness is apparent or where some divine-and-human encounter took place. For others, the pilgrimage is symbolic of the soul’s journey to God, an inward experience of alternative sacred geography.

During this 150th anniversary year of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, Houston; we have offered an “Intercessory Prayer Walk” at the labyrinth, once a quarter on Sunday late afternoons. During this walk, we lift up all the intercessory prayers that the sisters, associates and guests have written down and placed before the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Once we have traveled to the center, we prayerfully burn all of the intentions as an offering of thanksgiving back to God. This practice will continue and as always, all the communities are invited.

The popularity of the Labyrinth at Villa de Matel keeps growing and the guests of Ruah Center have easily incorporated it as one of their cherished prayer experiences while here for a day of prayer or longer retreat. Here are just a few comments from Ruah guests:

Este camino es maravilloso y muy Hermosa. Siente la presencia del Dios. Gracias.

I love the labyrinth. It was the one thing that was missing from my past retreats and now it all feels so complete.

My first silent retreat here. God is great. His love is immense. Ruah serves as a sacred ground for me to meet Him and be closer to Him. Thank you so much for all the details, the care and services. The labyrinth is so wonderful. I was able to meditate and pray as I walked following God’s path.

I come here to thank you, the staff and all those who contribute to preserving the integrity of the silence and who have graciously allowed me to share this space. I have learned through my time here that the “center” is no definitive point. To walk through the labyrinth is to journey into oneself and we take many paths to get there. I leave today content with the unknown, but knowing I have the tools within me to find my way.

Thank you for adding the labyrinth to the spiritual ministry of the sisters and the Ruah ministers.

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