In remembering the spirit of the Sisters during the 1900 storm in Galveston, Sister Rosanne Popp, MD and Sister Kim Xuan Nguyen, DC, kept the CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic open daily during Hurricane Harvey. They answered phones, rescheduled appointments, fi lled prescriptions for people who had lost medication during the storm and received people who had urgent medical needs. Being the only two staff members at the clinic, they changed “hats” many times and took on the roles of receptionist, nurse, housekeepers as well as doctors. They were excited to be able to complete registration forms for new patients and navigate intake forms all while keeping water from coming into the building. The two, however, were never able to master the credit card machine.

Patients were very appreciative that there was somewhere to go when everyone else was closed. A first responder, who showed up with a large laceration on his arm after slipping down a flight of stairs, was very happy that the clinic was able to attend to him quickly with no hassle. He gave the Sisters a donation of $100, which they promised to pay toward the medical expenses of someone else in need. To read more CHRISTUS stories of our ministry parters providing help during Hurricane Harvey, visit

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