First row: Sr. Deenan Hubbard (on scooter), Sr. Margaret Ann Toomey, Sr. Delphine Kearney, Sr. Maura Theriot, Marta Diaz, Stella Casarez, Jo Agnes Blubaugh, Shirley Talley, Eileen Bach, Ann Boane, Sr. Paulette Shaunfield, Sr. Mary Francis Cortinas, Sr. Lelia McNamara, Sr. Antoninus Martin. Second row: Anita Rosales, Angela Baudin, Arleen Znosko, Sr. Pauline Troncale, Janet Mayorga, Scotty Durio, Sr. Miriam Therese Miller, Urbano Muniz, John Brothers, Sr. Rachel O’Keeffe, Sr. Gemma Stanford. Last row: Anita Rosales, Teresa Sherman, Sr. Sheila Marie O’Sullivan, Sr. Ginny Braniff, SFCC, Rachel Muniz and Nita Feemster.

January 12, 2019, proved to be an exciting day for the CCVI Associates. Many of the Sisters and area CCVI Associates gathered in the Villa Chapel at 10 a.m. to witness the first commitment of four new CCVI Associates: John Brothers from Kentucky, Angela Baudin and Scotty Durio from Louisiana, and Marta Diaz from Houston.

We prayed together Midday prayer. Sr. Ginny Braniff, SFCC, set the ambiance by lighting a candle. Shirley Talley presided. Eileen Bach and Rachel Rodriguez were choristers.

Teresa Sherman read the reading. Nita Feemster monitored the computer in the hopes that other Associates outside of the area could also participate via Zoom. After the reading, Sr. Deenan asked the four new Associates to come forward and as they stood before God in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, and the community gathered there, they proclaimed the mission of the CCVI Associates and then read aloud their commitment as CCVI Associates.

Rachel Rodriguez presented them with their symbols of membership and their certificates which will remind them of their responsibilities and the date they first began this association with the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, Houston. Then there was hearty applause in the Chapel.

Next, Sr. Deenan requested the established CCVI Associates stand and renew their commitments. Shirley led us in the closing prayer and Sr. Deenan asked God’s blessing upon everyone. There was lots of picture-taking with cell phones and lots of visiting with each other. We moved to the Sisters’ dining room for lunch amidst conversations about football, grandchildren, vacations, and recoveries from illnesses. 

We also talked about desires about the future, Christmas adventures, and New Year’s celebrations. Folks seemed to enjoy each other. The dining room was full of happy chatter. We have one more new CCVI Associate who could not be present for this day: Saundra Bolden from Houston. She is eager to and will make her commitment soon. We also have a new candidate in Long Beach: Rev. Stanley Kim who will be beginning his formation soon.

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