By Declan O’Brien
Nephew of Sr. Marie Bernarde Clancy

Ballycashen summers…the 1960s…we arrived there by the dozens
The quiet townland invaded…by a host of Clancy cousins

And then that special summer…excitement was in the air
Our Aunt Ena was returning…to her home place in Co. Clare

The cousins had never met her…so excitement was infectious
This was the mysterious aunt…who lived some place called Texas

We were of course aware…that she actually existed
Hadn’t we recorded messages on the “reel-to-reel” …each and every Christmas

Or there might be a long distance phone call…where we all stood in line
To say “Hello Auntie Ena”…and hand back the phone…because we were on limited time!

So, that summer in Ballycashen…the excitement you can’t imagine
We were all going to the airport…to see the aeroplane land in Shannon

Why, just going to the airport…was a treat for us Clancy tots
And the excitement was only added to…as the plane came to a stop

As the passengers disembarked…on our tip toes we were standing
To catch a glimpse of Ena…it was our very own moon landing

And there she was, in her habit of blue…waving to her gathered flock
It was the most dramatic arrival by a woman in blue.
since Our Lady appeared in Knock

And when we got to meet her…we were all bemused because
Even though she’d never seen us…she knew who each cousin was

It was a gift that she and Mary shared…at each and every level
They had a way of making…each one of us feel special

Over the years her visits…thankfully became more frequent
And we’d like to think we continued…to give her pop star treatment

And naturally each visit home…would have to come to an end
And we would look forward to the next time…you’d be returning home again

And now as the moment of final parting…sadly now arrives
We are thankful that Ena was woven…into the fabric of our lives.

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