Sr. Rose Nyambura Githuka in the foreground along with students, Sisters and staff at the tree-planting event.

by Sister Mary Wanjiru Kamau

On July 24, 2019, Sisters in Molo joined hands on the implementation of one of the goals we set during the ARC meeting at St. Bakhita, Nairobi, Kenya, on taking care of the environment by planting trees. The day started well — the sun shining and the blue sky giving the hopeful promise of carrying out the long waited event — without being worried or wondering how will it be. 

The available Sisters, Bishop Ndingi Primary School teaching and non-teaching staff , pupils both in Class 7 and 8, and the Ukarimu Centre staff gathered together on the assembly group of Bishop Ndingi Primary School. 

The Director, Sister Rose Nyambura Githuka, welcomed everybody and after that invited Sister Mary Wanjiru Kamau to open with a word of prayer. After the prayers, T-shirts imprinted with the words, “A TREE FOR A BETTER LIFE,” were given to representatives from various departments showing the solidarity on taking care of the earth.

After the opening prayer, we divided ourselves into two groups, whereby one group was to go up the hill and the other group to go across the road next to the Bishop Ndingi compound. Tree seedlings, totaling 1,425, were planted at the following locations:

• On the land next to the school – 600 seedlings
• Up the hill – 700 seedlings
• Ukarimu Centre – 110 seedlings
• St. Peter The Apostle Nursery School – 10 seedlings
• Dubuis compound – 5 seedlings

Left: An eighth grader, Francis Gachiri, assists the Bishop with planting a tree. Right: Sister Esther Njeri Rambagia with her pupils of Saint Peter the Apostle planting trees. Sr. Rose Nyambura Githuka assists.

As a committee, when we were planning to plant trees, we felt it was good to have a theme that would guide us to bring awareness to the neighboring community. We had agreed that we would enlighten the community on the importance of taking care of the earth in various ways, and one of them being tree planting. In addition to these, as a committee we realized how the Molo climate had changed drastically.

At times, it can be so dry, and one is left wondering if it is the same Molo that is always cool and promising of sufficient food throughout the year. Because of that concern and the exchange of ideas, we came up with the theme of “A TREE FOR A BETTER LIFE.” Using this theme, the Sisters helped pupils to understand the importance of taking care of the environment.

Sisters, some teachers, non-teaching staff , Class 7 pupils, and Ukarimu employees went up the hill, whereby some individuals shared the benefits of the presence of trees in an area — therefore encouraging each one of us to take care of the trees.

As we started the planting, there was a photo session, and Sister Lucy Jacintah Mueni Nzesa took responsibility for the photos. We took one hour to plant trees up the hill and, after that, we went to Ukarimu Centre, St. Peter the Apostle Early Years of Education (E.Y.E), and the Dubuis Centre. We planted the following types of trees: Sesbania Sesban, Eucalyptus Grandis, Cardia Africana, Jacaranda Mimosifolia, Juniperus Procera, and Prodorcapus Falcatus.

We ordered the following trees for the next planting: Caliandia Catyrsus 50 gms, (Azandirachi Todoza) 50 gms, Warbugia Ugandenises 50 gms, and Prunus Africana 50 gms. 

We finished planting trees at 12:30 p.m. Sister Maurine Chemnung Pangale crowned the day by inviting us for a cup of tea in the Ukarimu Centre. Overall, the day was successful and we thanked God for making it a colorful one. Praised be the Incarnate Word. Forever!

Top Left: Students are working hard planting trees during the event. Top Right: Sr. Elizabeth Ann Hayes, Sr. Rose Nyambura Githuka and Sr. Josphine of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception planting a tree. Bottom Left: Students are walking to the site of the tree planting event among the vast country-side. Bottom Right: Many trees were planted as a result of the students’ hard work.

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