Representatives from SER Jobs recently toured the new space for a “Dropout Recovery Program” at St. Austin Center. Sr. Kevina Keating, Congregational Leader, Sr. Rachel O’Keeffe, Villa de Matel Center Administrator, and Nadine Mouser, Director of the CCVI Literacy Program are working with SER Jobs in exploring expansion of the Literacy Program to include “Dropout Recovery.”

SERJobs is a nonprofit community organization that educates and equips people in the Texas Gulf Coast Region who come from low-income backgrounds or who have significant barriers to employment.

They believe the power and purpose of work can transform lives and communities. SER is the Spanish verb, “to be,” so that is exactly what they impart on the people they serve – that they can be whatever they want “to be.”

Brighter Futures

SER empowers its clients “to be” the best they can, and “to be” in the career path that fits their talents and interests.

Better Opportunities

SER engages employers in strong-growth industries “to be” an opportunity of a lifetime to someone who needs a second chance (or maybe even a first).

Bigger Network

SER aims “to be” in strong partnerships with complementary organizations throughout the communities they serve.

SER also works with employers to fill your open positions from its pool of qualified candidates. SER can also work with employers to create customized training to suit its needs. SER graduates are:

  • Screened & vetted
  • Job-Ready
  • Have a network of support from SER to ensure their success in the long-term
  • Committed

SER supports, trains, educates, and places more than 6,000 job seekers each year who come from low-income backgrounds or who have barriers to employment. SER provides four core services: career coaching, occupational skill development, employment services, and financial empowerment.

The staff strives to inspire its clients to maximize their personal and professional potential by honoring each person as innately talented and capable of achieving their career and financial goals.

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