By Sister Mary McHale

On the evening of January 10, 2020, Ruah offered a time of prayer to gather and pray for the immigrants and refugees of the world. The week of January 5-8, 2020 was designated as the National Week for Migrants and Refugees by the Church. The weather that evening was

extremely threatening with storms, tornados and heavy rains – nature seemed to be in harmony with the plight of so many refugees through- out the world. About fifty brave souls joined us for prayer in the Villa Chapel; most were Hispanic, and several of the ESL students from St. Austin Center and their families participated.

We listened to Scripture readings in Spanish and English as we reflected on the first three Sorrows of Mary. Three people gave testimonies of their experience of coming to this country as immigrants 30 years ago, the emotions they expressed are still very alive in their hearts and have shaped who they have become. Three new immigrants joined us and one shared a little on their experience of coming to this country. We made a promise to pray very especially for them and ask you to keep them, their families back home, and all we have come to know in recent times in your prayers.

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