Sr. Marilu and Sr. Kim Tran pick bananas at the Villa. They were enjoyed after a 7 p.m. Rosary at the Grotto on May 19th.

This is the national bird of El Salvador called the “Torogoz”. The photo was taken at the Convent of the Incarnate Word in Torola, Morazan, El Salvador by Sr. Betty Campos

“How beautiful to contemplate the nature of our El Salvador” – Sr. Betty

… and the birds are singing, the bees are bumbling and the bananas are ripe! blessed be the god of all creation!


St. Francis seems to be smiling upon our newly planted pollinator garden at the St. Austin Center, which was in full bloom in May. Pictures can’t capture the many bees that have come to bumble in the nectar of native Texas flowers, such as Vitex (purple flower depicted below) also known as a “Chaste” Tree or Texas Lilac.

Galop Marche
by Albert Lavicnac

Click below to see Sr. Symphonie perform this lively work for piano with her former classmates: 

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