By Sister Kim Xuan Thi Nguyen, CCVI

 During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has become the most popular video conference system around the world with millions of active users. Like any technology, it has its benefits and challenges depending on how one uses it. However, for the Sisters, Zoom has been a helpful and safer alternative source of communication for workshops, webinars, prayer services, meetings, and generally to stay connected during this pandemic. Zoom is easy to manage, convenient, and saves on travel budget and time for our Sisters who are living in different parts of the United States, Central America, Ireland, Kenya, and Mexico. 

On Saturday, September 12, 2020, Sisters from the U.S. Region (Sisters in our other Regions had already had a meeting in a similar manner) participated in their Regional Assembly and gathered together via Zoom. The Sisters who are at Villa de Matel, the Motherhouse of the Congregation, came together maintaining COVID -19 guidelines: wearing masks, social distancing, etc., while other Sisters in St. Louis, Missouri, San Bernardino and Long Beach, California, Texarkana, and from different parts of Texas joined the Assembly via Zoom. Even though too much Zoom or screen time can give one “Zoom fatigue,” the meeting agenda was very well organized and it was done early in the day without any major glitches or Zoom disruptions thanks to the U.S. Congregational Planning Team and Villa de Matel IT staff, who prepared for the meeting. For now at least, Zoom will be part of our lives as a medium by which we can communicate and network wherever we may be, especially during this pandemic. We remember in our daily prayer all those affected in one way or another by this virus. 


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