New students finish their first year as ground is broken on new building in Molo, Kenya


Our new Bishop Ndingi Secondary School in Molo, Kenya started in January 2020 with 15 students – eight girls and seven boys. We were all excited about it. It was a good beginning. We started with seven teachers – four men and three women. We have a principal who is also taking care of the Primary School since our former head teacher retired on December 31, 2019. We have a school bus that picks up students in the morning and drops them off in the evening. Therefore, we have a school bus driver and school bus conductor. We have a gardener, a general worker, and a day security person. Since the Primary School and Secondary School use the same gate, we share the day security personnel.

The learning started in one of the blocks of the Primary School while we wait for the Secondary School to be built. We started by sharing most of the resources that we have in the Primary School, such as the kitchen and cooks, the dining hall, some food from the school garden, the playgrounds, etc.

Learning for the Secondary School was also suspended at the middle of March, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All the students and teachers are still at home. We are hoping that learning will resume in January, 2021 for our students and all the other students.

We are very happy to have our own Secondary School because this has been our dream.

We appreciate the financial support we are getting from the Congregation for our new Secondary School.

Currently, seven teachers serve 15 secondary students in classrooms of Ndingi Primary as they await the completion of the new complex. Below, construction begins on the Secondary School building. For reference, the blue roof on the left is the site of Ndingi Primary. The new building will be able to accommodate up to 480 students in Jr. High and High School. Classes are expected to begin in the new complex in Jan. 2022.

Above: Students from Bishop Ndingi Primary School learning outdoors during COVID-19. Below: Construction began Nov. 2, 2020 on Bishop Ndingi Secondary School.

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