Gift Giving Day for Babies and their Families


L.I.F.E. Houston, a tenant in our St. Austin Center, sponsored a big Christmas Party in the parking lot on Dec. 6 at St. Austin Center. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic no indoor party could be held this year. The morning was cool and sunny as volunteers arrived to organize the event. Each family received gifts of food, baby items, coloring books and toys for each child.

Santa Claus was also there to greet each family. A total of 175 cars filled with families made their way slowly stopping at the various station for their gifts or food. It was amazing to see how well organized the event was with everyone working together to make it happen, including Sharon Cates and Sr. Margaret Bulmer who worked the toy station filling Christmas bags with appropriate age-related toys for each family.

L.I.F.E. Houston is the city’s only food bank for babies. Through their emergency formula assistance program they help ensure that the cost of formula does not prohibit families from accessing the essential nutrition during their infants’ first year of life, giving them a strong start for a healthy future.

In addition to food, their overall mission also includes education about proper infant nutrition to families in need in the Southeast Texas area as well as other resources for babies and families.

Each year L.I.F.E. hosts two client events – a baby shower in the summer and our infant holiday bash in December.

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