Kaleidoscope of peace, harmony, love, beauty, fragrance as you gaze at the sun, your mind, heart, and whole unfolding of life becomes one with God, Creator, Sustainer, indescribable Silent Beauty. A real unspoken transformation moment is occurring with the One God.

You walk away in awe and wonder because your soul and body have become one and nothing becomes important that can change your spiritual morning experience with the Father, Son, and Spirit. My former doubts have evaporated into a mist. Racing across the sky, I am one in the Trinity.

The Gospel of St. Mark has been liturgically chosen for our daily reading at Mass for the beginning of 2021. It is both instructive and consoling as Jesus begins His public ministry with His baptism by John the Baptist; selecting his Apostles, curing the sick, and instructing the people through Parables.

One of my favorite parables is the Seed. St. Paul says that all things work together for good for those who love God. We may conclude that all the events, good and bad, faults and sins will work to our advantage and salvation. Our desires and goal is to daily live a life of submission to the Divine Will of God. We must trust and be ready to sacrifice everything without exception for the Glory and Praise of God.

Let us conquer fear by trusting fully in “God’s Loving Providence Always.”

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