Sister Sharon is a second-year CCVI novice. Each novice participates in a significant ministry experience as part of the discernment process leading up to their First Profession of Vows, God willing, later this year. Please remember Sr. Sharon in prayer.


Assisting in the fight against COVID-19 and other vaccine-preventable illnesses.


Being part of the CHRISTUS Mobile Unit staff as a volunteer has given me a whole range of new experiences and learnings. I feel grateful for this opportunity to open and widen my knowledge and skills as I reach out to the community we serve in Houston. I have had the privilege to work as a team member with our staff since December 2020, thus helping me to learn different skills from each one of them and from the trainings about vaccination and data entry into the system.

Reaching out to persons from different race, age, ethnicity, social status and nationality helps me to extend the healing ministry of Jesus to the people we serve. Our main focus is on vaccination to prevent people from acquiring “vaccine preventable” ailments.

Working in the mobile unit has enabled me to travel to different parts of Houston, including: Harris County, Conroe-Sleepy Hollow, Bethel Baptist Church, the Mexican Consulate, the mission northwest, Moran health center, YES Prep northwest, Alliance of new Americans, Trini Mendenhall community center, House of Help, St. Mary’s clinic, CHRISTUS Foundation for HealthCare, Villa de Matel and other places in order to provide vaccination services.

We give influenza shots, children’s vaccines and COVID -19 Moderna vaccines. I have been entrusted with giving vaccine information statement, health messages concerning a particular vaccine to a person receiving or inquiring about it, and providing clarification on any question or concern the clients have; giving a post vaccination card with a return date for the next dose; encouraging and reassuring them, and assisting with data entry into the system. I have also had a chance to assist with vision and ear check-up at Presbyterian elementary school which was a wonderful opportunity to remind myself of what I had learned previously in school.

I have learned a little bit of Spanish as I relate with client and staff around me and I believe that through our sharing, those I have encountered have learned something from me and from the clinic. This experience fills me with joy as we bring relief and healing to our community. I thank God for the CHRISTUS St. Mary’s Clinic and the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word for making it possible for me to have my ministry experience. Many blessings to you all. “Praised be the Incarnate Word. Forever!”

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