As I reflect on  women’s history and Catholic Sisters Week in the month of March, I thought of our First Three Sisters for their strength, resilience, and contribution in my life and in the Church. They were great women whose love for God empowered them to do the impossible. Their lives and conviction have impacted and touched many people. Their calling to bring the Gospel of love and the healing of Jesus to others continues with our Sisters today. Below are quotes of our Sisters expressing their love of being a Religious Sister. I am inspired by their example and it reminds me of my own calling.  Together, the following  seven Sisters have committed a total of  456 years to religious life. How awesome is that!

Sr. Clotilde Hegarty
(74 Years of Being a Sister)
“I am grateful to God for calling me to religious life. I try to follow His will to the best of my ability. I enjoy the company and the support of my community.”


Sr. Mary Tobin
(68 Years of Being a Sister)
“Being a Sister gives me the ability to bring my gifts and share a little joy and surprise to people I serve and being a companion and friend with my fellow Sisters.”


Sr. Ernestine Mulvey
(67 Years of Being a Sister)
“I am grateful for having the time for prayer and reflection. I appreciate the encouragement of the Congregation to enhance my spiritual life through retreat, sabbatical, conference, and workshop.”


Sr. Antoninus Martin
(72 Years of Being a Sister)
“It is a privilege and a gift from God to answer the call to be a Sister Charity of the Incarnate Word and be able to live in community and serve others with gladness.”


Sr. Ita Harnett
(57 Years of Being a Sister)
I feel privileged to have spent almost 60 years in religious life!! Many of those years were full of joy, peace, and happiness. Some had challenges of loss and grief. I feel God used me to bring His healing, and compassionate presence to many people over the years.  I thank God for the grace of my vocation and for the Congregation to which I belong.”


Sr. Paulette Shaun field
(65 Years of Being a Sister)
“It gives me the opportunity to know God more intimately so that I can fulfill what God wants me to do.”


Sr. Gerard Earls
(53 Years of Being a Sister)
“The notion of becoming a Sister came out of the reality of service. It awakened in me a desire to bring God’s love to suffering people. Of course, this called me to balance my commitment with a deep sense of spirituality, prayer, and community life—a call that has only been deepened and enriched by all that God called me to be.”

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