On Friday afternoon, June 11, 2021, the Annually Professed Sisters held an event at the Dubuis Conference Center at Villa de Matel called Live, Love and Laugh. It was beautiful to get to know and share about each other’s cultures, which is one of the great blessings of our Congregation. It was a sharing of our international richness where there were present Sisters from El Salvador, Guatemala, Ireland, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Vietnam, and the U. S.

It was a wonderful, cozy, community eve n t , where there were lots of laughs, games and activities that were carried out by Sisters Symphonie, Kim Nguyen, Catarina and Cecilia. We were able to feel the joy, availability, positive emotions, and the participation of each Sister.

We enjoyed ourselves with a delicious dinner, especially the Vietnamese food, while sharing and living the moment. It was an opportunity to create unity, fraternity, and to get to know different cultures in such a way that led to passion in the contagion for spreading joy, love, and laughter which generated a positive impact on each of the sisters: “Long Live Life! Long Live Love! Long Live Laughter!”

We appreciated the support and love we received which assisted us in making this a wonderful event.

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