After a year of virtual Bimonthly meetings through the zoom, the Sisters in annual vows – Srs. Catarina, Cecilia, Kim-Xuan, and Symphonie, with Sister Helena, our director, gathered at the Lake House for an in-person Bimonthly meeting. This was after entertaining the Sisters at the Villa which we entitled: “Live, Love and Laugh.”

During our gathering at the Lake House, we had deep, prayerful, and insightful sharing around the emotional healing of anger, grief, anxiety, and fear. We had ample time to get in touch with our losses during this pandemic and talked about them. We did not only pray, but we also had fun. We shared meals together, we went fishing, and we enjoyed ice cream together, told jokes, shared stories, and played Uno. It was surely a wonderful time together again! Praised be the Incarnate Word. Forever!

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