Sr. Maureen Pangale and Sr. Elizabeth Ann Hayes discuss progress at the Hardy property where a small house was built and beans planted


The Hardy piece of land, with an approximate measurement of 2.071 hectares, is the property of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, Houston Texas. It is located in the southern part of the City of Nairobi, and is approximately a 10-minute drive from St. Catherine Community.

The Sisters have been exploring possibilities for the use of the property, especially during ARCs. The property has enhanced security, and it is distanced from busy roads and crowded areas. Other benefits include: good infrastructure like electricity connectivity, good roads, and in close proximity to St. John the Evangelist Parish, where many of the Final Professions of our Sisters were held. It is also close to a number of retreat centres including Mwngaza Retreat Centre, where most of our Sisters go for their retreats. It is also close to the town of Rongai and Galleria Mall. Important social amenities are also available in the area. Karen Hospital is close by and has served the Sister for a number of years. There are many learning institutions nearby like the Kenya School of Law, Tangaza University College, Marist International College, The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, The Nazarene University, and Chemichemi ya Uzima.


As the Congregation continued to discern the most suitable purpose of the property, the Leadership Team recently requested some Sisters to identify purposes for long-term use of the property. After consultations and deliberations, approval was given to plant beans on three acres and build a simple two-room house with a pit latrine and bathroom. One room will be for the person working on the farm and the other one will serve as a store. The work began on May 28, 2021; first plowing for planting was done and then the foundation for the house and pit latrine was completed. Since a borehole was not drilled on the property, a 10,000 litre water tank was purchased for construction purposes. After construction, the tank will be installed to collect the rain water.

We are very grateful to the Leadership Team for allowing us to make use of the property, especially due to the fact that the act of “land grabbing” is increasing in Nairobi and in the country at large. We also thank, in a special way, our Regional General Councilor, Sr. Ricca Dimalibot, for her immense support during this process. We also thank our Sisters from the region for their input on the use of the property. We are also grateful to our collaborators in this regard including the current contractors for their contributions. May the good Lord bless you!

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