Jesus, the incarnation of God’s love, manifested that love in works of mercy to those in need. Each of us has been given a share in the mission of Jesus through our baptism. As a Congregation, we center all our life and energy in Jesus Christ, as we continue the work of the Incarnation entrusted to us by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit, who moved the Prophets, the Apostles, and our missionary founders, lives within us. The Trinity needs people who are docile, available and ready to be moved and energized. When a Congregation, a community, a person, surrenders to the Spirit, everything blooms and flourishes. The face of the Church becomes rejuvenated and creative and the world experiences the presence of God’s love. We pray that the love which unites the Father, Son and Spirit will flow out in mission that impels us to relieve the suffering of our brothers and sisters. May the Spirit that invaded Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and our Founders, always pervade our lives and transform them into a living expression of the Mission of the Incarnate Word.

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