On Sunday, August 14th, 2022 , Sr. Adelwisa Pineda Leonida made her first profession of vows at the Immaculate Conception Chapel, Villa de Matel, Houston. The beautiful liturgy was presided over by Fr. Dat Hoang, who actually f i r s t introduced Sr. Adel to the Congregation. During his homily, Fr. Dat recounted how faithful Sr. Adel was as his parishioner at St. Faustina Catholic Church and how generous she served God. He was even the one who asked Sr. Adel whether she had ever considered joining religious life. Adel was later introduced to Sr. Symphonie Ngo, who brought her to the Villa and the rest was history.

During the Rite of First Profession of Vows, Sr. Celeste examined Sr. Adel’s willingness to continue to grow in personal and lifelong intimate relationship with Christ, the Word Incarnate, and to commit, through religious profession, to live according to our Constitutions. She answered in the affirmative. In the presence of Sr. Celeste Trahan, Congregational Leader, and the Church gathered that day, Sr. Adel vowed to God poverty, chastity, and obedience for one year, according to the Constitutions of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. Sr. Adel’ s vows were received by Sr. Celeste Trahan.

Sr. Celeste, f inally bestowed Sr. Adel with our CCVI emblem with these words: “Sister Adelwisa, receive the emblem of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, which represents the suffering and death of the Word made flesh. Wear Jesus’ name upon your heart that he may dwell there and become your only love.”

In thanksgiving for what the Lord has done for her, Sr. Adel sang beautifully, the Magnificat in Tagalog, “ Nagagalak ang Aking Espiritu sa Aking Tagapagligtas.” (“My Spirit Rejoices in God My Savior.”) Sr. Adel was beaming with joy as she reflected: “The spirit of the Lord was so overpowering on that awesome day. First, I s tarted the morning, as the sky was c lear. I decided to pay a visit to the Sisters’ gravesite. I went one by one to the Sisters’ tomb s i te, especially to those who had touched my life and were sources of inspiration when I first started as an affiliate. The God of surprises had one for me as I s tood at the graveside of Sr. Gertrude. ( I was actually at her bedside when I witnessed her transition from this world to eternal life . Incidentally, my first profession day was her death anniversary.) Rain descended on me from nowhere as I stood there praying. I knew that the rain showered from heaven. I felt the blessings of our departed Sisters. The second surprise was the responsorial psalm ( 40: 2-6 ) of the day, which was so appropriate for me! ‘I waited; I waited for the Lord, and the Lord heard my cry.’ Indeed, I waited for all these years to serve God as a religious Sister. He indeed heard my cry and i t was like God embraced me in love, saying: ‘This is my beloved daughter! This is my plan for you.’”

” ‘I waited; I waited for the Lord, and the Lord heard my cry.’ (PS40: 4-6) Indeed, I waited for all these years to serve God as a religious Sister.” – Sr. Adelwisa

The celebration was attended by Sr. Adel’ s siblings, relatives, co- parishioners, former colleagues when she was a nurse at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, as well as many CCVI Sisters. Many people also joined through a livestream platform. After the Mass, the celebration continued as we all enjoyed a delicious meal at the Villa dining room.

Praised be the Incarnate Word- Forever!

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