By Dr. Cynthia Tifft, (A longtime friend and benefactor of Sisters Genevieve Marheineke (deceased) and Maureen Kossbiel)

The beginning of our Advent journey is also the beginning of the new liturgical year (Year A) and on Sundays we will hear proclaimed the Gospel of Matthew. Like Lent, Advent is a season of preparation, and this Advent we will hear many “good words.” We will hear the word “PEACE.” Isaiah admonishes us to climb the Lord’s Mountain for instruction in peacemaking, in casting aside the weapons of war, to walk in the light of the Lord. . . Isaiah’s vision is far from being realized! But Matthew encourages us to prepare now for the coming of the Son of Man. There is no time like the present to be about peacemaking in our homes, and schools, and workplaces. What would our Advent look like if the “swords” of competition and pushing others aside to get ahead became the plowshares of working together toward a common goal; the “spears” of unkind words or bickering at the dinner table became the pruning hooks of compliments and gratitude? The Advent scriptures offer us many good words this year. This [time] as we begin our preparation, let’s “try on” peacemaking.

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