Two impactful movies on the life of a humble slave, taking final vows in 1896 with the Daughters of Charity in Venice, passing in 1947, beautified in 1992, and she was canonized by Pope John Paul II eight years later.

“It was the power of God which made Bakhita, in likeness of Christ, into the one who enriches many. The poor slave girl who had nothing showed that she was in fact the one who had the greatest treasure. And even if, humanly speaking, she seemed condemned to death, she lives! She lives just as Christ lives, though he was condemned to death and was crucified. She lives with his life!”

Pope John Paul II, Eucharistic Celebration in Honor of Blessed Josephine Bakhita

Pray Dear God,
Josephine Bakhita endured horrors
I cannot fathom,
yet her bravery,
her mercy,
and her warrior spirit
could not be restrained
by man-made chains.
Teach me to forgive as she forgave and to love as she loved.
Help me to understand
what she understood with such clarity: True Freedom can only come
from you.

Prayer Acknowledgement:
Christopher Heffron
Editorial Director Franciscan Media

St. Josephine Bakhita bore scars throughout her body from years of slavery, yet her courageous heart remained unblemished. She forgave her enslavers because she understood something they could not: Love will always conquer hate.

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