Prepared by: Comunidad Verbo Encamando, Torola Morazán, Sr. Maria Aracely Perez Chinchilla, Sr. Vilma Aracely Ramos Gutierrez

On Thursday, January 26, 2023, the Comprehensive Formation and Accompaniment Center opened its doors celebrating a Eucharist of Thanksgiving to God for the presence of The Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word in the municipality of Torola, Morazán. The mass was presided by Father Deiby William Escobar Blanco. After this, Sr. María Aracely Pérez Chinchilla, Sr. Vilma Aracely Ramos Gutiérrez, and all the other guests proceeded to go to the Formation Center to continue with the blessing of the house and the traditional cutting of the ribbon.

Father Deiby stated that the presence of The Congregation in Torola is a true blessing, since the way the sisters help others around the municipality and its surrounding areas and howclose they are to the underprivileged with all the activities they carry out is evident.

Left: Pictured (L-R): Sr. Vilma Aracely Ramos Gutiérrez, Father Deiby William Escobar Blanco,Sr. Betty Campos Arias, and Sr. Maria Aracely Pérez Chinchilla. Right: Sr. Maria Aracely Pérez Chinchilla speaks with guests at the Formation Center.

Sister Betty Campos Arias was present during the blessing with the Sisters of the communityand other guests. After the ceremony they were all invited to a special lunch at Casa Verbo Encarnado de Torola with the Sisters of the community and Father Deiby.

The attendees also had the opportunity of seeing the internet center and enjoying some refreshments. The internet center is already equipped and working, there are 4 computers and a photocopier for the young students to use. Activities that are part of the comprehensive formation are being organized, such asworkshops on personal growth and psychology, which is part of a comprehensive accompaniment.

Our hope is that little by little, we will accompany young women through all the activities we areplanning to carry out. Part of our goal is to include music classes in the future so that children and youngpeople can develop their skills in the art of music. As a community, we know these activities will be highly beneficial, since we have personally seen these towns are in need of our unconditional support.

With the opening of this Center we are responding to the signs of the times, especially the reality ofTorola. In this way we are bringing to life the legacy of our founder Claude Marie Dubuis and the presence of our Congregation.

Currently, and as part of some activities, we are teaching all those who wish to learn how to makerosaries. We are also serving students in the mini Internet Center.


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