Story Shared By: Sr. Mary McHale-CCVI

On May 13, 2023, Fiesta de Fatima was celebrated in Texas City to raise funds for Our Ladyof Fatima (OLOF) Catholic school. Our Sisters have had a long history with this school. September 14, 1949, seven Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word- Houston (CCVI) weremissioned there to open, administer, and staff the school. Over the years, several of our sisters served there with gladness and wonderful stories can still be heard from Sisters Michelle, MargaretAnn, and Kathleen Daly. Since our sisters moved from OLOF, Sisters Symphonie and MayMcHale have served as members of the Advisory Committee over the past few years.

Presently because of  this connection, Sister Kathleen Daly beganto knit beautiful baby blankets along with Sister Edwin. In                  addition, Sister Margaret Bulmer crocheted a red, white, and blue afghan – all beautiful, to help with the fund-raising effort.        All were sold at the little Mercado, where they were on display with the crafts made by the students as people entered                   the gala area. A simple auction took place towards the end of the evening. Abeautiful hand-crafted beaded crucifixion picture donated by Sr.Symphonie’s mother raised $650!

There was a beautiful spirit among all who participated and we enjoyed the event with some former students who fondly remember our Sisters who taught them back in the “good old days!” The event was underwritten by Jerome and Leslie Karam, who own the Marquee at MainlandCity Center, Texas City; may God bless them.

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