By Sr. Adel Leonida, CCVI

Part of the 2022 Chapter Direction Statement is the theme ofinterculturality and the building of relationships in a spirit ofsynodality. With that in mind, we at St. Michael Community teamedwith Carrigoran House and its administration, staff, volunteers, lay minister, and residents to usher the spirit of diversity, interculturality, andsynodal spirit through a liturgical celebration. It was fitting to do it with one of the traditions of the Church, the May Crowning of Mary. Fr. Michael Collin, the main chaplain, andMarie O’Malley, CEO, immediately supported the idea.

On May 30th, the eve of the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we did the May crowning of Mary – Our Lady, our Mother, and our Queen. During the Mass, we sang Marian hymns led by Sr. Brenda. The prayers of the faithful were said in English,Gaelic, and Malayalam (a language in Kerala, India), represented by the administrator, staff, two residents (male & female), and a lay minister. During the offertory, an ambulatory male resident presented the wreath of red roses and crowned the statue of the BlessedMother. He was overjoyed and felt privileged to be chosen to do the honor of venerating theBlessed Mother on behalf of the residents. The floral offering that followed was led by Fr. Michael, the administrative team, staff members, residents, and guests from the DaycareCenter. Volunteers collected the flowers from residents who used wheelchairs and laid them at the feet of our Lady.

The liturgical celebration fostered a spirit of oneness at Carrigoran House. Fr. Michael and Marie thanked everyone’s participation as the liturgy’s spirit of diversity,interculturality, and synodality was evident. Witnessing the enthusiasm and activeparticipation of our residents was life-giving.

“Bring flowers of rarest … O Mary, we
crown thee with blossoms today, Queen
of the Angels and Queen of the May”

(Excerpt from the hymn Queen of May)

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