Sr. Christine Naswa Barasa and Sr. Rose Nyambura Githuka planting Candle Nuttree at Ukarimu Retreat Centre

By: Sr. Christine Naswa Barasa, CCVI

On May 27th, during Laudato Si’ week, Br. Matthew McCormack, OSF, was thefacilitator for our day of prayer at Ukarimu Retreat Centre. The event was attended by members from ten religious congregations, laymen and women, which includedstudents from the neighboring Baraka College. Each congregation was given three trees to plant and care for. A total of 30 trees were planted. Br. Matthew said, “Apartfrom taking care of the Earth, planting trees was also a sign of giving back to UkarimuRetreat Centre for the services offered to the community and beyond.” The message Br.Matthew shared with all attending was that the cry of the earth and the cry of the pooron earth are one. He reminded us that we are more alike than different. By planting atree, we respond to Mother Earth’s cry, showing that we are concerned about those who will come after us.

Brother Matthew McCormack generously provided 10 religious congregations with 3 varieties of indigenous trees that will provide shade when grown. 1. Mexican Green Ash 2. Nandi Frame 3. Candle Nut

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