By Sr. Pauline Troncale, CCVI

One Saturday, as I was on my morning walk, a Ruah retreatant motioned me over to the steps by the Villa Dining Room. There was a beautiful little bird just sitting there, not flying away, as we got close. It might have been wounded or just stunned from flying into a window.

We pondered on what to do. I had just seen Sr. Rosanne Popp busy with hergardening work, so I texted her with a photo. She came over right away, took thebird in hand and said it was a “Painted Bunting.” Sr. Rosanne said that we could take it to the wildlife rescue on Monday since they are not open on Saturday, but we would need a box with holes in it for temporary housing.

I then sprinkled the bird with Holy Water from the Villa Chapel and then went in search of a box. Upon my return, the bird flew away! We were so grateful, not only for its recovery but for the few moments of beauty that nourished our souls!

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