Sister Adelwisa Leonida joined Sisters Cecilia, Juana, Sharon, Benedetta, Fridah, and Helena by Zoom.

By Sisters in Annual Vows 

From August 18-August 20, 2023, most of the Sisters in annual vows, Sisters Benedetta Malindi, Cecilia Tran, Juana Tomas, Sharon Anam, Adelwisa Leonida (through Zoom), Fridah Munjuri, and Sr. Helena Ogbuji, our director, gathered at the lake house for an in-person meeting, for faith sharing, prayer, storytelling, and fellowship. We welcomed Sr. Fridah in a special way, as it was her first meeting with us, and prayed for God’s blessings upon her. We also celebrated Sr. Helena, whose feast day was on August 18.

Using the story of Jesus and the Canaanite woman (Mt. 15:21-28), we shared profoundly and prayerfully about the evils of ethnocentrism and prejudice in intercultural living. Because we watched The Pope’s Exorcist on Netflix, we connected the torture and horror of the fate of the Canaanite woman’s daughter with this movie. It was easy to see the desperation of the Canaanite woman, her traumatic situation, and her persistent faith, even when she was called “names.” Jesus later praised her faith!We also discussed how we could be more sensitive, respectful, compassionate, and incarnational to the people we serve, live with, and especially others who may not be from our inner circle. We pray to God to increase our faith, to be inclusive, and like the Canaanite woman, to remain focused and faithful even when there are negative voices within/around or when Jesus is perceived as “silent” to our request.

During these days, we did not only pray but also had fun and connected with one another on a deeper level. Like other gatherings we have had before, it was indeed a wonderful time to be together again!

Praised be the Incarnate Word. Forever!

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