Top: Guestspeaker and Sisters presenting about the Care of Creation at the Central America Spring 2023 ARC Guatemala. Bottom: Sisters participating in a Care of Creation Conference Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Houston, Texas, USA

Ecological Education Sisters promoted awareness for the care of our Common Home
and for its climate in their convents and ministries as part of their
participation in year one of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform.

Here are our results for Goal #5 – Ecological Education


We commit to making the needs of the earth and of caring for creation visible and known in our Congregational ministries.


We will support or promote activities (e.g., attend prayer services, trash pick-up events, lectures, video viewings) and/or awareness through communications (e.g., creating or distributing flyers, posters, videos, e-mail or social media) for at least two of the following campaigns: Season of Creation (Sept 1-Oct 4); Earth Day (April 22); Laudato Si’ Week (May 16-25); Earth Hour (March 25); Reduce Single Use campaigns, or other occasions to highlight features of local biodiversity or natural resources and conservation/waste reduction efforts.


Central America Region:

  • Recycles trash and avoids using single-use plastic items.
  • Uses less balloons, Styrofoam, and plastics for special occasions.
  • Uses baskets to carry groceries.
  • Sisters are encouraged to maintain a balanced diet that avoids canned beverages.
  • Participated on an Earth Day walk on April 22nd.

Ireland Region

  • On our own free time, separately watched the video on-line course for all the earth by Sr. Laurie Brink OP.
  • Sowing Hope for the Planet, Webinar on non-violent actions–March 22,2023
  • March 25, 2023- “The Letter”: Laudato Si Film, by Pope Francis, encyclical letter on ecological crisis. Kenya Region
  • Video viewing/watching and reading materials on care of creation.
  • Educating our coworkers and learners on the use of organic manure and promoting awareness of the care of our common home.
  • Attending workshops on the care of creation.

U.S. Region

  • Watching and studying natural program weekly
  • Attending webinars and workshops as a community or individual.
  • Share prayer services and DVDs with family and friends.
  • Promoted Archdiocesan event on care of creation. Sisters attended the Archdiocesan presentation on ways to respect and respond to the care of creation.
  • Ecological conversion is an urgent call for all of us. In Ruah, we ask guests to help us live our Congregational commitment by using the proper containers for recycling, composting, and trash.
  • We are active in promoting the Season of Creation from September 1 to October 4.


What is your reflection about the responsibility to educate ourselves and others on the climate crisis and caring for our common home?

Central America:

  • Became aware of caring for the environment so that there will not be a lack of clean water or air in the future.
  • Felt called to continually educate ourselves for the care of the ecology.

Ireland Region:

Kenya Region:

  • Respect and appreciate how interconnected we are and the need to take care of our common home for us and future generations.
  • Reduce wastage of food by recycling leftovers.
  • Grow organic food using organic manure.

U.S. Region:

  • Our study and sharing of many of these programs as well as reflective walks on the grounds have increased our appreciation for the many facets of nature.

The best way to fight the climate crisis is through education, not only about climate change, but also about general knowledge. The more we are knowledgeable, the more we would want to care for the planet. We wouldn’t want to destroy what we come to know and appreciate.

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