Sister Stories


Sister Francesca Kearns

Let all humankind bless your Holy Name forever, for ages unending.

You formed me through the love of my faithful parents, In Baptism you called me and missioned me to serve.

Since the beginning you called me and counseled me, in your ways of goodness and in mercy you schooled me.

You inspired me to understand that others in far away ands your gifts awaited.

In profession your covenant was to free me to be yours forever. You have been my stronghold in wars and revolutions, tempests and hurricanes.

You guard me and direct me from West to East, from North to South.

In diversity of language and culture the wonder of your creation, you revealed in love, service, suffering, resilience, perseverance, and communion.

Your martyrs challenged me; your prophets showed me the way.

Truly you have been my light and salvation in the puzzling ways of leadership.

All that is given is gift to be given as you give all.

We praise and thank you for the manna of your love and faithfulness,

Often revealed in the lives of our sisters, family and friends and those we serve.

Deepen in us the mystery of the Incarnation, fashion us so that what is in bud may come to blossom and what is in flower may become fruit for those that you intend it to be.

Amen, Alleluia.