In Person Days of Prayer only Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm beginning September 7, 2021 

What to Expect

Persons who come to Ruah not only find a place of beauty and spaciousness but can also look forward to the hospitality of the staff and the community. We require that each individual coming meet with a spiritual director to articulate their reasons for coming and be supported in accountability for these during their stay. Gradually one notices that the concerns of one’s everyday life fall into perspective in the experience of solitude and silence. You will be given encouragement in your faithfilled seeking and leave with helps to continue growing in practices that promote integration of your faith and your life.

Likewise, each group coming will be provided a facilitator who will answer all your questions and help you begin to focus your attention inward, reflecting, and listening to your own heart and mind. Any interaction among group members will take place in your meeting room. All other areas at Ruah Center are kept silent—the prayer spaces, the halls, the dining room, the dorms. We even ask that you keep silence when you go outside for a walk as part of your day of prayer or retreat. If this much silence is new to you, it may feel strange at first. But Ruah Center exists to provide this gift of solitude so that you can learn to listen within your own heart for the voice of God. Before you plan to join a group here at Ruah, be sure that you are willing to enter into this gift of solitude and silence.

For an individual’s or a group’s first time in silence, we offer one day only, from morning until afternoon. (Exceptions are occasionally made.) For subsequent visits, an overnight can be considered. Our accommodations are simple single rooms in dormitory style with shared restroom facilities. For a day visit lunch is included. If you’re here overnight, breakfast and supper are also served depending on the hours you’re present.

Words from Our Guests

We love hearing testimonials from seekers and visitors about their experiences at the Ruah Center. If you would like to share your thoughts, please send us an email.

“I would fly from anywhere for the prayerful silence you have created, nurtured and sustained in this place. Thank you for… space to enter deeply into the heart of Jesus.”

“We thank God for allowing us to be in His care and yours.”

“It is the place I am most a child…all rooms were alive with God’s “magic.”

“The facility is everything one needs to renew a relationship with God.”

“Coming here is like stepping into another world—God’s world!”

“Immediately when I entered this center I felt a peace and a freedom. I have never experienced such a beautiful day of quietly resting in the Lord.”

“I came in beyond bedraggled and left in peace and hope. Not bad for a 2 night stay! God is good and he works wonders at Ruah.”

“This is an amazing place where you can really feel God’s love and presence all around. I am very teary eyed to leave because I have felt so close to my Father. I have been a child sitting at my Father’s feet, laughing, crying and learning.”

“I am leaving with a deeper sense of who God is and how He sees me. Thank you—you have blessed me with an eternal treasure!”

“Blessed are those who wait for Him, and blessed are those who provide a place to wait.”