Temporarily closed to in person days of prayer or retreats.
All services will be available on Zoom until further notice.

Centering Prayer Weekends

Once every month we offer a 24-hour experience of Centering Prayer practice using the method taught by Fr. Thomas Keating, OCSO, of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd.  It is compatible with other methods of wordless meditation intended to lead one into contemplation.  From 5:00 pm Friday through 5:00pm Saturday. 

Centering Prayer Intensive Retreats

We offer longer Centering Prayer experiences for those who have maintained their practice for some time and are seeking to deepen their prayer and awareness of union with the Spirit of God. We call these Centering Prayer Intensive Retreats, “intensive” because several hours each day are devoted to gathering as a group in silence, consenting to the presence and action of God within each of us. Our days are balanced with leisure, gentle exercise, rest, good food and sometimes short input sessions.

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