enrichmentheroBalancing Mind, Body and Soul

St. Austin offers a series of computer, nutrition, physical activity, and craft classes. These classes are offered through partnerships with colleges and other community programs or through the volunteer efforts of some of the students.


Tuesday and Thursday | 10 am – 10:30 am

Students have the opportunity to deepen their spirituality through prayer sessions. Sister Mary McHale, Spiritual Director at RUAH leads these sessions.


At the end of each semester, there is a potluck lunch to celebrate the completion of the semester. Students bring favorite dishes to share and family members are invited. Students receive certificates for completing the semester. Students and their families are invited to become familiar with the Chapel at Villa de Matel. This has been an event that is eagerly anticipated. In 2012, at the students’ request for a prayer service in the chapel, there was a gathering with them and their families in the Villa de Matel Chapel to pray together at the beginning of the school year.